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Service and installation

Guldmann is one of the largest service and assembly supplier of ceiling hoist systems in the world, with a level of skill and expertise that is unsurpassed. This is a position we are working to maintain, every day.

Professional partner
Service technicians and installers certified from Guldmann are highly trained specialists, and we make sure they are well informed about everything we do as well as receiving constant technical updates.

All Guldmann certified service technicians and installers have been through – and passed – an in-house Guldmann certification programme that includes an introduction to the Guldmann corporate values and the full meaning of our “Time to Care” motto – the overall mindset as well as theoretical and practical training.

We place great emphasis on quality as well as safety and make sure that all inspection, repair and installation tasks are carried out based on the Guldmann in-house quality assurance procedures.

Weight Tester Carriage

The Weight Tester Carriage is used in conjunction with carrying out a weight test on our systems.

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