Mobile lifters

Floor lifter for safe, ergonomically responsible lifting and moving

Lift everywhere and at any time
with mobile lifters

Guldmann floor lifters are the floor-based alternative to ceiling hoists.

In environments where a ceiling hoist system isn’t the best solution – for whatever reason – a floor lifter is essential for still being able to lift and move people in a safe and ergonomically responsible manner.

These mobile lifters are particularly suitable for less frequent, unforeseen or acute lifting situations, and are an effective path to ensuring maximum safety wherever there is no ceiling-mounted hoist available.

Easy to operate
Safe to use


One lifter
Can be used for many things


Especially suitable for less frequent,
unforeseen or acute lifting situations


Can be used for a wide spectrum
of different users


User guide always at hand

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  • EU Declaration of conformity - Mobile Lifters

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Safe, strong and stable lifting

Both the GL5.2 Mobile lifter and GLS5.2 Active lifter are mobile lifting tools that make many lifting and moving situations easier for both users and carers and can play a major role in preventing over-exertion and back injuries in caregivers.

These mobile lifters are easy and intuitive to operate and are designed to be strong, stable and safe.

They can be operated either with the hand control or the control panel on the control box.

They are equipped with an easy-to-use battery that can be charged both on the lifter and when removed. These mobile lifters have visual indicators (both audio and visual) for low battery charge, to help ensure reliable charging and making sure that the lifter is always ready for use.

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