Swing lift

  1. Secure and versatile

  2. Lifting capacity up to 205 kg

  3. Easy to install


Swing lift – moves into and out of the water

Swing lift is a rail system made of weatherproof and waterproof material. It is designed for use in harbour settings and next to indoor and outdoor swimming pools, where the intention is to provide disabled users with new opportunities to enjoy water sports and other water-based activities. This makes a Swing lift installation ideal for sports and leisure activities, as well as for training, rehabilitation and therapy. 

It is also possible to install the rail system itself in several places in a given location, and then simply move the lifting module between rail sections. Swing lift can also be installed directly on large boats so that the rail system and lifting module follow the vessel from one harbour to the next.

Equipped with a turn function, Swing lift is easy to operate and suitable for use in both private residences and institutions. The system can be used with various Guldmann ceiling hoists and slings.

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