Positioning Lock Indicator Lamp

Positioning lock

  1. Ideal for a wide range of uses

  2. Can assist with training for bed-bound patients

  3. Easy to use


One System – a host of opportunities

The Positioning lock adds yet another option to the Guldmann GH3 ceiling hoist system for moving, treating, mobilising and rehabilitating people. Using the Positioning lock, it is possible to secure the lifting module and/or the traverse rail in a given position in the full-coverage rail system.

The Guldmann Positioning lock actually consists of three small locks: one for the ceiling hoist in the traverse rail and two for the parallel rails – i.e. one on each rail. A single version of the positioning lock is also available, comprising just one lock to secure the lifting motor in a single rail system. Each lock has an LED indicator that lights up when activated. 

Activating the locks on the parallel rails makes it possible to lock the sideways movement of the traverse rail, resulting in the traverse rail functioning as a fixed single rail. The lifting module can still be moved forwards along the traverse rail, making it easier to use the system for gait training, for instance. If the lock linked to the lifting module is activated, the traverse rail can be moved without the lifting module shifting sideways. Activating all three locks secures the lifting module in a given position, which is helpful when the user is carrying out retraining exercises in bed, for example.

Securing the lifting module in this way allows it to be used for the rehabilitation and retraining of both bed-bound and more mobile users.

A complete training pack comprising a range of training equipment is available as a supplement to the Positioning lock.

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