Combi-lock is used to link two rail systems


  1. Simple and safe to use

  2. Maximum load: 375 kg

  3. No need for manual operation


Combi-lock – simple and secure

Guldmann Combi-lock is used to link two rail systems. Using the Combi-lock, you can link two rail systems – between bedroom and bathroom, for example – to ensure an easy, comfortable move for the patient. The system consists of two safety locks which make sure that the lifting module cannot disconnect from the rail.

The Combi-lock is manually operated and easy and intuitive to use. Simply position the traverse rail in front of the fixed rail and the rails will be automatically linked as both locking mechanisms will open, allowing the ceiling hoist to be moved smoothly from one system to the other.

For reasons of space, the Combi-lock cannot be positioned in door openings. In rooms with a full-coverage system, fit the parallel system – i.e. the system in the nearest neighboring room with the single rail system – a small distance from the wall to allow space for the two safety locks.

The Combi-lock features an elegant design and therefore blends in seamlessly with most settings. It is also easy to clean and maintain.


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