Cases overview

Historical merged with contemporary

Moving accessibly between the centuries

The combination of old and new architecture provides unusual views and insights.

This was certainly the case with the extension of the Batelease Farm owned by the Moody couple in the English county of Devon.

The original Batelease Farm was built back in the 15th century and the building has been changed and extended over the centuries. Because the Batelease Farm is a Grade II listed building everything had to be approved by the responsible heritage officials.

The modern extension to the old farmhouse creates a contrast between old and new and combines the two - quite literally. Because the goal wasn’t merely to create a new build - it also had to be accessible and enable barrier-free access between the old and new building.

This will allow the client, a wheelchair user, to navigate between the buildings independently and to move between the centuries, so-to-speak.

A glass structure connects the main house and the new build and covers two floors, including a lift. Barrier-free access has been created between the buildings on both the ground floor and the first floor. There is also an entrance and exit here, which enables the client to enter or leave the building independently at any time.

A Guldmann GH1 ceiling hoist system is used in the client’s bedroom with the rail system integrated subtly into an exposed timber beam, so that the practical aid is almost invisible.

The new build was carried out between the start of 2017 and the end of 2018 and cost the equivalent of roughly £350,000.

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