Cases overview

Freedom of movement
for little girl gives happiness
to the whole family

Her parents call her “Super-My” and it is easy to understand why; When My was 3 months old, she was diagnosed with a rare form of infant leukaemia. The doctors gave her a 50 % survival chance and she had to go through chemotherapy and a challenging bone marrow transplant. During the transplant, My had a cardiac arrest that put her in the ICU on a ventilator. Because of the cardiac arrest, she suffered severe brain injury and is now totally dependent on help throughout the day since she is not able to eat, sit, or walk on her own.

After successfully beating cancer, My and her family started on a journey to improve her level of function as much as they can.

Training at home
The family, consisting of My, mom, dad and baby twin brothers, has a ceiling hoist with the Trainer module installed at home in their living room. My’s mother, Mathilde, is a physiotherapist and is therefore constantly focusing on rehabilitation. Her aim is to help her little girl move as independently as possible. When Mathilde is gait training with My, they need to do many repetitions which would be very difficult and heavy to handle without the hoist. It also provides them with the opportunity to train in sit-to-stand exercises, pelvic lifts and knee4standing. During all exercises, Matilde has both hands free to guide and support without risking injuries or fall accidents for both.

Much more than rehab exercises
It is, however, not just about training. It is also about improving the quality of life, not only for My, but for the whole family. When Mathilde had My in the Active Vest and ceiling hoist for the first time, the little girl started dancing. This was the first time her mother had ever seen My move around her room completely free.

For them as a family, it means a lot that My can get around by herself. They don’t have to push her around in her wheelchair. Or feel bad if they don’t move her right away when she wants to. Because she can now get to the toy she wants to play with or to her brothers if she wants to play with them. She is suddenly in eye height and can move around and interact with them.

“It is fantastic to see My dance around. I think it's every parent's dream to see their children run around and play by themselves, and when you have a child who can't do this without aid, it is overwhelming to see that she can suddenly decide for herself whether she wants to walk to the teddy bear or doll. It gives her a lot of independence and she is happy. It lights up in her eyes and you can see that she is happy. And that makes me happy too.”
- Mathilde Faber, physiotherapist and My's mom

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