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At 29 years old, Bex has not experienced a vertical position for two decades. Bex has athetoid cerebral palsy, which causes spasticity and uncontrolled movements. To assist with daily activities, Bex relies on a dedicated support team, utilizing hoisting for transfers and external help for her activities of daily living (ADL). Her primary challenge lies in maintaining head control, a critical factor for communication and swallowing functions. Despite her non-verbal communication style, Bex effectively uses eye pointing and head gestures to express her thoughts, emphasizing the importance of head control for her overall well-being.

Athetoid Cerebral Palsy is a form of cerebral palsy marked by uncontrollable, writhing movements called athetosis. It results from damage to the brain's basal ganglia, affecting muscle control and posture. Fine motor skills, balance, and speech can be challenging. Treatment includes therapies and assistive devices to improve movement and daily function.

Penny Townsend, Bex's physiotherapist of eight years, focuses on preserving her range of motion, strengthening her muscles, improving posture, and enhancing head control during their sessions. Bex actively participates in her physiotherapy, eager to explore innovative ways to improve her physical capabilities.

The Trainer Module has been a significant addition to Bex's therapy sessions over the past two years. Using the Multi Support sling, Bex can perform bridging exercises, reducing pelvic spasticity and improving leg posture.

The recent incorporation of an Active Vest sling allowed Bex to sit on the edge of her bed, concentrating on improving head control. With dynamic weight relief technology, she confidently engaged her legs while sitting on a gym ball. A remarkable achievement was her transition to a standing position, demonstrating initiation of leg movement, a milestone previously considered unattainable in conventional physiotherapy.

From a therapeutic standpoint, these achievements benefit Bex by enhancing her internal systems, cardiovascular output, breathing regulation, digestion, muscle strength, and joint flexibility. Yet, the most remarkable aspect is the profound sense of accomplishment and satisfaction Bex derives from these experiences.

Post-session, Bex's wheelchair posture exhibits improved symmetry, and the frequency of athetoid movements decreases significantly. Following Trainer Module workouts, she enjoys a twelve-hour rest, indicative of the energy expended during these sessions. Importantly, from Penny's perspective as her therapist, the process is executed seamlessly, free from physical strain.

Bex's journey with the Trainer Module showcases the transformative potential of technology in enhancing the lives of individuals with unique challenges, demonstrating the importance of precision and professionalism in their pursuit of improved mobility and well-being.

Bex Workout Session

Trainer Module

Integrated into GH3+ ceiling hoists, the Trainer Module offers up to 100 kg dynamic weight relief, aiding safe rehabilitation exercises like gait training and sit-to-stand. Controlled digitally, it enhances therapy engagement and outcomes.

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