Guldmann Inc. Sponsors 2018 U.S. Para World Sailing Team

Guldmann sponsored the 2018 U.S. Para World Sailing Team, which competed at the World Championships this past September in Sheboygan, Wisconsin. A record 101 sailors from 42 nations raced across four events over five days.

The best Para sailors (competitive sailors with disabilities) in the world were represented at the 2018 Para World Sailing Championships. This event features clear objectives to highlight and develop Paralympic sailing.

The Guldmann sponsorship made it possible for the sailors to bring a coach to this important event.

”Having a coach there was invaluable, and will hopefully pave the way for more success in the future.“

– Betsy Alison, Adult Sailing Director, US Sailing

“Thank you so much to Guldmann for all of your support to team US Sailing”

– Cindy Walker, RS Venture sailor, U.S. Para World Sailing Team

Dee Smith, who represented the USA at the Paralympic Games in Rio, finished with a bronze medal in the 2.4mR class.

Dee is a very talented sailor in many disciplines. He has been a professional sailor for over 35 years, and despite the discovery of a long-term cancer in 2007 that had been residing in his body and gradually eating away at his spine, he has continued to sail and race in a range of boats, including Paralympic sailing in the 2.4mR. He was a member of Team USA at the Rio 2016 Paralympic Games.

In Sheboygan, it all came down to the final race, and he was within reach of gold, but a few small mistakes and unfortunate incidences allowed two other boats to prevail and beat him.

Guldmann Inc. and US Sailing hope to work more together in the future, helping to strengthen Paralympic Sailing in the USA and support these inspiring athletes.

“I had a good plan today, got ahead, but could not quite close the door. Unexpected things happened and I could have handled it a little bit better, could have had a bit better luck, but that is okay, because I learned from it and I will be better next time. It was a great regatta and thanks for all the support.”

– Dee Smith, 2.4 mR Bronze Medalist, U.S. Para World Sailing Team

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