Beautiful private homecare lifting solution in the Netherlands

People often need and want to live at home for longer. People with disabilities also want to live comfortably and pleasantly at home, and to minimize the physical strain on caregivers. A ceiling hoist is ideal for this purpose in a home. We have delivered many beautiful projects in the past year.

One of these projects is with a family in the western part of the Netherlands. This family has two children with multiple disabilities and wanted to be able to lift their children quickly and comfortably everywhere.

Together with the relevant municipality, we looked at the best solution. We installed room-covering ceiling hoist systems in two bedrooms, a physiotherapy room, and a bathroom for the family. The room covering systems are connected to each other by a rail with switches in the hallway.

"We have carried out everything from A to Z in this project. Advising the family together with the municipality, making structural adjustments, installing the rails, fitting the lifting slings, and of course, providing instructions on how to use the products," says Guldmann employee Martijn. "It was a very pleasant collaboration between all parties, allowing us to offer the best lifting solution," adds his colleague Marielle.

Every lifting request in the home environment is unique, but we have the right solution for everything!

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