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Getting up onto your feet is something many of us take for granted. Nevertheless, it is a very complicated and physically demanding activity, which combines sufficient muscle strength, balance, coordination, and motor planning to accomplish. Our bodies must control our full weight and change their position against gravity from sitting on a surface to standing upright balancing on only our feet. When a person has a reduction in muscle strength, balance, or coordination, it limits the independence to stand, move to a chair, and go to the bathroom, dress or walk, etc.

The goal is to become as independent in coming to standing positions as possible.
When using the Trainer Module and Positioning lock, it becomes significantly easier to help the patient to get up and stand. Used together, the products provide an opportunity for the patient to utilize their available amount of self-power. The Trainer Module will lift the dependent portion of the weight, while the Positioning lock will ensure the movement occurs in an advantageous position. Promoting this natural pattern of movement for the patient can ease comfort and call upon muscle memory.

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