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Difficulty getting out of bed?

Having trouble getting out of bed in the morning is something we can all relate to. However, did you know that the more time you spend in bed, your muscles shrink and your strength decreases?

When patients recover from an illness, accident or surgery, they spend a lot of time in bed. During prolonged bed rest, muscle strength is reduced by up to 4 % every day. Furthermore, bedrest negatively impacts your brain, lungs, skin, and other body functions. Therefore, it is so important to be mobilized, to move as much as possible as frequently as possible and to get out of bed.

When using the Trainer Module, it is possible to offset the desired amount of weight to provide just the right amount of assistance required for the patient to actively participate in in-bed mobility and sitting up at the edge of the bed.

This provides the caregiver freedom to guide the patient into a sitting position in a skilled manner, allowing the patient the physical experience of accomplishment. Independence with bed mobility is a first but essential step towards discharge and full physical independence. Mobility progression can evolve to standing, walking, transfers and more.

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