Ethics and Human Rights

People, Employees, and Rights
Respect for humanity comes first

At Guldmann, we consider our employees as our most important resource and strive to have happy and motivated individuals throughout our organization.

We believe that our employees thrive best when we provide them with the opportunities and flexibility to utilize their skills, knowledge, and interests.

In relation to our suppliers and partners, we also have expectations and require that those we do business with respect and comply with the UN's guidelines for human rights. Therefore, our partners are expected to sign our Code of Conduct, which is continuously updated.

These requirements are reflected in our Code of Conduct policies, which align with the UN Global Compact Principles: Human Rights, Labor Rights, Environment, and Anti-Corruption.

Whistleblower program provides security

Even companies with the best intentions can fail. If that happens, it is important for us to have a dialogue and a system that ensures that the issue is addressed and the mistake/incident is corrected.

We value open dialogue between colleagues and between employees and management. This also applies in cases of irregularities, and if illegalities or violations of human rights should occur. To support the handling of mistakes/incidents, we are establishing a whistleblower program in 2023, which anyone associated with Guldmann can use.

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