Project management

To reap the full benefits of a Guldmann ceiling hoist system, it should be included in the construction or renovation project right from the earliest planning stages.

Expert project planning advice
for builders and architects

There are many factors to take into account for builders, architects and others who plan construction with the integration of welfare technology in the form of ceiling lift systems.

The Guldmann department for project consultancy services is staffed by engineers, construction technicians, and technical draughtspeople, all of whom are experts in the implementation of ceiling hoist installations. Available to help with all phases of the project and provide skilled professional advice right from initial idea to project design.

At Guldmann, we consider any customer inquiry a unique, one-off assignment – even if the project is still only at the “rough sketch” phase. We avoid standardised configurations for subsequent adaptation to the details of actual conditions.

Guldmann always delivers complete, reliably measured solutions that are specifically tailored to the individual site and can be transferred directly to the final architectural drawings.

This saves architects and builders time and money, as well as helps prevent unpleasant surprises, guaranteeing the best results for all parties.

Guldmann project consultancy services provide:

  • Assistance with design and technical calculations
  • Drawings at sketch level, along with a detailed design of rail solutions, passages through door openings, solutions with regard to lamps and fire detectors, etc.
  • Preparation of descriptions, and participation in appropriate design, coordination and building meetings
  • Drawings in Revit and AutoCAD – we draw the ceiling
    hoist solution directly into the architect’s drawings
  • Detailed design guide for use in the implementation of the agreed ceiling hoist systems

The choice and selection of a ceiling hoist system as an aid can be crucial for:

The user’s comfort and quality of life

Working conditions for carers and staff

Staff time spent on lifting and moving

Effective use of available space

Maximum return on investment
– also in the long-term

Avoid expensive mistakes during building or renovation work...

Plan the ceiling hoist into the project right from the start
The Guldmann ceiling hoist system is extremely versatile. It can be adapted to each user’s individual personal needs as well as the practical needs and working requirements of both carers and professional staff while taking into account most architectural conditions and limitations.

Discrete design and carefully considered functionality ensure the best possible architectural integration with the surroundings, preventing the rail system and hoist from being unnecessarily visually dominant within the space.

To reap the full benefits of a Guldmann ceiling hoist system, it should be included in the construction or renovation project right from the earliest planning stages.

There are multiple concerns that should be taken into consideration and clarified to ensure the best possible result. Involve all the affected parties (architect/consultant, working group, and ceiling hoist consultant) in any analysis of the daily workflow in order to identify the best solution for all requirements involved.

  • Who exactly will be using the system?

    It is an often overlooked fact that the person(s) being lifted isn’t the only user of the ceiling hoist system. So, too, are his/her carers and/or any professional staff involved.

  • Where is the actual lifting requirement?

    Is it located in a single-occupancy room, in a hospital or care ward, or in a bathroom/toilet?

  • Which rail system would be best?

    Should the rail system cover the entire space, or be configured as a single-track or combination system?

  • Which type of ceiling hoist would be best?

    What is the maximum weight to be lifted? How is the lifting to be done?

  • What type of structure is the ceiling hoist system to be installed in?

    Is it a new building, a renovation project or an existing structure and setup? A ceiling hoist system can be fitted anywhere, but with different options depending on the particular installation and configuration.

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