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Ceiling lift system assisted lifting, as a part of the rehabilitation program, can be used at all mobility levels, and paves the way for flexible, closely targeted training adapted to suit the functional capabilities of the individual user.

More time to care
in the nursing home

It is essential to ensure that nursing home residents actually feel at home and that they receive optimal, dignified care that gives rise to feelings of comfort, security, and care.

Irrespective of whether the person in question only spends a part of each day at the home, or whether they are a permanent resident, it is important to fulfill their need for care and help to maintain a good quality of life and functional capacity. 

Common user-related procedures at nursing homes:

  • Moves back and forth between bed/chair/wheelchair
  • Moves into and up from an easy chair
  • Repositioning in chairs
  • Moves to/from the toilet
  • Weighing residents
  • Balance training
  • ADL assistance
  • Skin care and wound treatment
  • Assistance with mobilization

Discreet and safe solution for all parties

The nursing home is not just the residents’ home, it is also the staff’s workplace.

When residents depend on assistance in performing everyday routines, it is essential that the appropriate equipment is (discreetly) at hand.

In this way, individual residents do not find the presence of such aids disconcerting, and they can feel comfortable in their home – while the care staff can maintain and support a safe and ergonomically correct working environment.

Using a ceiling lift system or a free-standing lifter can facilitate everyday procedures, moves, etc. at the care home, to the benefit of residents and staff alike. For example, using a ceiling lift system can help make staff move residents quickly and safely between a wheelchair and a bath/toilet chair in the bathroom.

Staff can also use the ceiling lift system to help elderly residents with personal care and hygiene procedures, and for support during the rehabilitation and mobilization of elderly people.

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