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As an employee, staff or relative, you need to take care of yourself and your working environment to avoid injuries. The risk will increase when you care for patients who are physically and/or cognitively challenged, as sudden movements and unexpected situations can occur that may lead to accidental or occupational injuries.

Good and safe patient handling prevents physical deterioration and reduces the number of work accidents. You can use different types of technical aids, such as ceiling lifts or floor lifts, in connection with moving and handling.

On this page, you will find knowledge, ideas and good practical advice for moving and handling people in a safe way to avoid workplace injuries, increase patient safety and create more time to care.

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A good tip: Use a Ceiling Hoist for Daily Living Activities

Enhance patient mindset and recovery through simple daily activities supported by a ceiling hoist.

Tips Trainer module - Positioning lock - Gait training

A good tip: Gait training

The Trainer Module and Positioning lock can be used to adjust and emphasize the patient’s rehab goals within either a session or whenever changes are needed.

Tips Trainer module - Positioning lock - Fall Prevention

A good tip: Avoid the risks of falling during rehabilitation

What do you do if your patient has a loss of balance when standing or walking?

Tips Trainer module - Positioning lock - Step up exercise

A good tip: Training on steps and stairs

When using the Trainer Module, it is possible to repeat exercises on stairs and uneven surfaces often and safely for both patient and staff.

Tips Trainer module - Positioning lock - Sit to stand exercise

A good tip: Up and about

When using the Trainer Module and Positioning lock, it becomes significantly easier to help the patient to get up and stand.

Tips Trainer module - Positioning lock - Out of bed

A good tip: Difficulty getting out of bed?

Did you know that the more time you spend in bed, your muscles shrink and your strength decreases?

Tips Trainer module - Positioning lock - Balance on therapy ball

A good tip: Safely pushing boundaries with rehabilitation

With the Trainer Module and Positioning lock, it is possible to progress exercises and activities safely for the patient and therapist.

Tips Twin Turner - Training

A good tip: Use of the Twin Turner for therapy and rehabilitation

Therapeutic use of the Twin Turner provides therapists with the ability to select an individually adapted starting position for a patient who must train to regain their rolling ability.

Tips Repositioning Sling TENCEL

A good tip: Use of Repositioning slings for proning

It appears that proning patients are an effective intervention recommended for treatment of COVID-19 patients.

Tips Multi Support - Xray in bed

A good tip: Using slings when handling patients during treatment or examination

Lower your physical strain and at the same time have the most optimal safety for the patient...

Tips Twin Turner - Positioning Pillow

A good tip: Security and reassurance with a positioning pillow during turning

Using Twin Turner for turning the patient to give safety and security and ensure a good position

Tips Twin Turner - Applying Sling

A good tip: Use of the Twin Turner sling as a helper for other slings or for therapy and rehabilitation

Did you know that the Twin Turner sling can be used to assist in applying another sling?

Tips Positioning Lock Sit to stand

A good tip: Moving from sitting to standing

Using the Positioning lock, elastic lines and the Multi Support sling enables you to assist and support activation and training.

Tips Leg straps

Three good tips: Positioning leg straps in a wheelchair

It can be hard to position the leg straps if the legs are particularly heavy, edematous or if the skin is very sensitive.

Tips Slide sheets

A good tip: Applying a sling in a wheelchair using slide sheets

Do you find it difficult to apply the sling on your patient in a wheelchair?

Tips Sling for safe patient handling - Basic High

A Good Tip: Putting on and lifting the patient in a sling

In some cases, it can be difficult to place the leg straps underneath the thighs.

Tips Hygiene - Lifting leg on the side with back support

A good tip: Ease the work with hygiene tasks

Reduce the physical strain when performing care tasks...

Tips Active Trainer Walking sling for balance training

A Good Tip: Exercising with Active Trainer

In addition to walking exercises, Active Trainer can also be used for rehabilitation...

Tips Rehabilitation Pelvic Lift with elastic Line

A good tip: Use of elastic cord for pelvic lift exercises

Less strain on the caregiver and higher quality in every repetition...

Tips Tip - Multi Support

A Good Tip: Help with lifting the upper body

Physically weak patients might struggle to raise their upper body, and may...

Tips Pediatric walking sling for children: Active Vest Kids CA

A Good Tip: Activities with Active Vest - Kids

The child can keep active without the worry about safety risks...

Tips Positioning Lock - Exercises

A Good Tip: Install an exercise machine over the bed

Activate and train weakened and bed bound hospital patients...

Tips Multi Support - Lifting legs up in bed

A Good Tip: From the edge of the bed and back into bed

This can prove challenging when the patient needs help to get their legs back into...

Tips Repositioning sling - moving patient in bed - four hanger points

A Good Tip: How to lighten the workload at the bed

Caregivers must handle and position the patient several times daily...

Tips OR - Turning patient to prone position (face down)

A Good Tip: How to perform a safe abdominal positioning on the operating table

Moving an intubated patient on an operating table entails significant risk...

Tips Rehab exercise - From bed to wheelchair

A Good Tip: Make slideboard transfers easy and secure

Using the Guldmann Basic Low sling removes the strain on the carer...

Tips Hygiene - Lifting leg on the side with back support

A Good Tip: Ease the work of using bedpans and washing the patient

Lifting an extremity for personal hygiene tasks can be heavy and difficult to handle...

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