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While you know that Guldmann provides industry leading safety technology, you may not know that our teaching and education team is also industry leading. Respected for the knowledge, creativity and energy we bring to all of our clients, Guldmann’s education team works as CareLift Management.

We deliver superior instruction on use of our Guldmann technology, however in today’s challenging healthcare environment, knowing how to operate your equipment is not enough.

Many healthcare professionals and organizations envision a successful, engaged Safe Patient Handling and Mobility program.

A clear commitment to safety and quality is the ideal setting to integrate CareLift Management’s solid evidence-based methods and system which focuses on safety, key patient outcomes, and positive work habits.

Learn how CareLift Management can take your organization and team to its highest levels of success. 

Our services cover the key four domains within successful SPHM programs

We assess your current status, providing gap analysis and ongoing updates on program indicators.

Improving work methods 
For over three decades, we have been showing clinicians how to improve their work methods while demonstrating relevance to patient care – that’s a lot of accumulated experience we bring to you and your team.

Engaging staff 
We excel at energizing clinical staff to incorporate healthy work habits and have empowered unit based leaders to make their program work at the bedside.

A successful SPHM program must be sustainable. We have seen and know the most efficient and effective common processes that fuel the SPHM programs which meet and exceed their expectations.

Tips & Tricks

Get helpful tips for your safe patient handling procedures.

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