For all lifting and moving as well as care and training situations


Lifting slings

The right sling is an important part of the good move – because it ensures the best comfort for the user, as well as the safety of both user and carer.

Lifting slings and slings for turning and moving are an important part of the comprehensive range of Guldmann lifting and moving equipment. Lifting slings are used for many different care tasks, ranging from lifting, positioning and moving to training, mobilization and activation.

All Guldmann slings are available for children and adults and in many different sizes, weight classes and materials.

Helps ensure good working
positions for care personnel


Ensures comfort and dignity
for the user


Enables close contact and proximity
with people needing a high degree of care


Extensive, versatile selection
– a sling for any purpose


Can also be used in training
and activation situations


Comfort, dignity
and ease of use

Guldmann lifting slings are designed with a focus on comfort, dignity and ease of use, and can be used with both ceiling hoists and mobile lifters.

The type and size of the lifting sling have a major influence on the quality of the movement of the individual user.

Guldmann has also designed a number of special lifting slings that cater for each individual’s needs. These include slings for different degrees of body control and muscle strength, the degree of opportunity for active participation, the need for personal disposable slings or other special needs.

Need help choosing the correct sling?

Using the appropriate sling is essential for efficient transfers to ensure comfort, dignity, and safety for the user and the care provider. The type of lifting sling have a major influence on the quality of the movement of the individual user

You can find help to choose the correct sling by using our Sling Guide:

Sling Guide - Choose the correct lifting sling

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