Sling sleeves

  1. Easy application

  2. Long-lasting durability

  3. Ensures a comfortable fit


Sling sleeves in spacer material – for sensitive users

The Sling sleeves are used to provide extra protection around the sling leg straps when working with especially sensitive users – people with particularly delicate or fragile skin, or who are in pain due to bruising, for instance.
The Sling sleeves are made in a double layer spacer material and are the perfect solution for enhanced comfort and practicality.

The user-friendly design of the spacer material ensures a secure and comfortable fit.

Spacer material retains its original appearance, even after numerous washes, ensuring a product that maintains its quality over time.

The Sling sleeves must be applied to the leg straps before the straps are positioned under the user’s legs. The Sling sleeves can be used with all Guldmann lifting slings.

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