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Trainer Module for safe and effective home training

Christian is a six-year-old boy with serious sensory and motor coordination difficulties. He was born with neonatal meningitis, which led to a mixed dystonia/spastic cerebral palsy diagnosis at the age of seven months. This condition causes involuntary movements and challenges with sensory and motor coordination, making it difficult for Christian to control his movements as well as sit or stand on his own.

Even though his diagnosis is hindering him in many ways, Christian is a fighter. He is always moving, smiling, laughing, and greeting everyone he meets with high fives.

His mother, Anne, is determined to help him improve his mobility and quality of life.

She trains with him for 15 hours a week at home under the guidance of a physiotherapist. Their current goal is to enable Christian to participate more actively in moving and handling activities.

To achieve this, Christian needs various stimuli and training methods that use different types of welfare technology.

One of the solutions that Anne and Christian enjoy using is the Guldmann GH3+ ceiling hoist system with a Trainer Module. The hoist and Trainer Module provide weight relief for Christian and allow him to move freely in any direction, thanks to a room-covering rail system.

The weight relief from the Trainer Module can be customized to suit Christian’s needs and abilities on any given day.

The hoist and the Trainer Module make it easier for Anne to train with Christian. She can focus on guiding him in the right direction without having to support his weight or worry about him falling.

See video of Christian using the Trainer Module here >>

Neonatal meningitis
A serious and potentially fatal infection of the membranes that cover the brain and spinal cord in newborns. Neonatal meningitis can have serious complications, such as brain damage, hearing loss, vision loss, learning disabilities, cerebral palsy, or death.

Mixed dystonia/spastic cerebral palsy
A condition that combines two distinct movement disorders: dystonia and spastic cerebral palsy.
Dystonia is a movement disorder characterized by involuntary muscle contractions that cause twisting and repetitive movements, abnormal postures, or both.

Spastic cerebral palsy is a type of cerebral palsy characterized by spasticity or high muscle tone often resulting in stiff, jerky movements.

Trainer Module for safe and effective home training

Being upright is beneficial for Christian in many ways:

  • Improving muscle strength, which can help him move more easily and prevent contractures and loss of muscle mass.
  • Improving cardiorespiratory fitness and endurance, which can help him breathe better and prevent respiratory infections and complications.
  • Improving posture, which can help him maintain his spinal alignment.
  • Improving digestion, bowel function, and metabolism, which can help prevent constipation, reflux, and obesity.
  • Improving quality of life, as he can interact more with his family and peers, enjoy his favourite activities, and express his personality.

A multi-tool for training
Christian and his mother have found multiple ways to incorporate the hoist system into their daily routines, enhancing Christian's mobility and independence.

One of their favourite activities is having Christian walk on a treadmill while wearing an Active Vest. They use the hoist with either the Trainer Module activated or with a black elastic line attached to the lifting hanger. This setup allows Anne to guide him safely without straining her back or worrying about accidents.

Gait training is an essential part of their routine, both with and without the treadmill. Christian wears an Active Vest in the hoist, and they use it with the Trainer Module activated or the black elastic line. 

If Christian gets tired during Trainer Module exercises and decides to take a break from using his legs, he slowly eases down to the floor. As his mother describes it:

“It's a safe way for Christian to understand the consequence of what happens if he doesn’t use his legs for support. When he is ready to continue, it’s easy for him to get up again because the Trainer Module is there to help.”

Christian's love for music is accommodated as well. He enjoys dancing, jumping, and moving to his favourite tunes while wearing the Active Vest, with the black elastic line providing a certain bounce.

They utilize a Multi Support sling in the hoist for crawling exercises, which significantly contributes to Christian's physical development.

Invaluable - now and in the future
The Guldmann GH3+ ceiling hoist system and Trainer Module have made a significant difference in Christian's life. The solution allows him to participate in activities he would not be able to do otherwise.

All these activities not only improve Christian's mobility but also enrich his daily life with engaging and enjoyable experiences.

The ceiling hoist and Trainer Module is also a wise investment for his future. As Christian grows, his physical needs will change, and he will become heavier. Handling him during standing and gait training could become increasingly challenging without this invaluable tool.

In addition to assisting with mobility, the ceiling hoist plays a crucial role in calming Christian's involuntary movements. Exercise is beneficial for his physical well-being and has a soothing effect. After physical activity, he often experiences a sense of calm that comforts him and his family.

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