Guldmann 2022 donations:

Journey Forward

United States of America

Journey Forward is a non-profit organization located in Canton, Massachusetts dedicated to bettering the lives of those with paralysis, spinal cord injuries, or disability. The organization was founded by persons who wanted to work toward mobility and fitness but were constrained by the gap and unmet need between traditional gyms and the formal healthcare system. The Journey Forward team provides an intense, exercise-based program working to achieve some of the most basic lifelong functions and benefits for their clients.

The organization works with paralyzed clients of all levels and abilities providing a very active and full body approach to recovery because they understand how important early mobility and overall exercise is. Some specific exercises their clients work on include gait training, load bearing, and full body neural stimulation.

Journey Forward’s mission is in ideal alignment with the ethos and vision of Guldmann - independent, forward-thinking, solution oriented, and centered on achievement of one’s personal best. Though Journey Forward is not a huge organization, their impact is tremendous on a person’s life. Both Journey Forward and Guldmann focus on empowering an individual’s mobility which improves their quality of life and provides ‘time to care’ for the things which bring meaning to life. Due to this alignment, we felt that Journey Forward was an important cause to donate to.

In April 2022, a group of us from the US Commercial Boston Office had the honor and privilege of delivering a $15,000 charitable donation to Journey Forward. Their team was thankful and excited to receive this donation. Dan Cummings, the President and Founder, explained that the donation will go towards the Journey Forward Financial Assistance Program. According to Cummings, “it will cover the cost for those who cannot afford our program through the year 2023. The Journey Forward Financial Assistance Program was established on January 1, 2013. Since that time, we have granted over $465,000 to 46 individuals that otherwise would not be able to afford out program.”

Guldmann is glad that our donation can contribute towards the Financial Assistance Program and allow more individuals to have the opportunity to work with Journey Forward that may not have been able to otherwise.

What are Guldmann 2022 Donations?

Our mission is to ensure More Time to Care. Now we take our mission one step further.
Guldmann has done very well in recent years and not least in the financial year 20/21.
Extraordinarily, we have decided to donate a part of our profit to help others.
This has resulted in multiple donations to specific organizations around the globe in the spring of 2022.
We are proud to be able to lend them a helping hand and support their cause.

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