A good tip:

Avoid the risks of falling during rehabilitation

What do you do if your patient has a loss of balance when standing or walking?

Most caregivers instinctively reach to manually correct or prevent the fall. Such reflexive action has led to serious caregiver injuries and sometimes it does not even prevent the fall at all.

Use of the Trainer Module in upright and walking exercises reduces the risk of serious consequences related to falls during training because a caregiver can press a button on the hand control and stop the fall or have the option to let the Trainer Module slowly guide the patient, in a controlled fashion, to the floor.

With integrated weight relief, the fall will be soft and controlled. This could greatly limit the severity of injury associated with falls and uncontrolled balance and additionally limit the anxiety associated with such an incident. Should it be necessary to lift the patient following a controlled fall, the hoist will be available as needs be.

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