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Guldmann has been growing ever since the company started, way back in 1980. This continuous growth is the result of skilled people’s pursuit of a single shared objective – people with drive and a sense of the importance of working together. Guldmann employees are people who agree to work together based on shared values, regardless of language, cultural background or ethnic origin.

More growth requires more people
Would you like a job at Guldmann, and an opportunity to help create the future of this company? Then we would like to hear from you.

Our website lists any current vacancies, and any job openings are also on our LinkedIn page.

If we do not have any vacancies at the moment, or you would like to tell us about your particular skill set and how you think we would benefit from it, you are very welcome to send us a short, unsolicited application.

Give us a brief insight into what you can do, what you want to work with, and what you have been doing up to now.

The skills of each individual make up our shared strength

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