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Accessibility to heritage buildings – project “Dignified Entrance”

In the summer of 2008 we established a development corporation with the Swedish “Värdig Entré” (translated: Dignified Entrance). It gave us an ideal opportunity to learn more about how the heritage environments work with the challenges in adapting to future requirements when it comes to for instance accessibility. We have developed a unique product with great marketing potential: the lifting platform LP50 / LP50H.

The idea behind the Värdig Entré project is that everyone should be able to use the same entrance and do so with dignity instead of being directed to the back entrance. Värdig Entré / Dignified Entrance is very ambitious to promote the products which they believe play a significant role in the Nordic welfare. Therefore they exhibit on the World Expo 2010 in Shanghai.

You can read more about the Värdig Entré / Dignified Entrance by using this link:


Please also see the LP50H video or read more about the LP50H.


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