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Platform lift LP5+

The Stepless LP5+ is a platform lift which, thanks to its lightweight design, can easily be integrated into a wide variety of environments. The platform lift enables wheelchair users and those with walking difficulties to overcome level differences of up to 875 mm. The LP5+ has a high transparent railing, and a safety gate can be permanently fitted at the upper level.

  • Flexible - can be installed indoors or outdoors 
  • Superb user comfort, as the platform lift moves silently and smoothly
  • The platform has an internal width of 900 mm, an automatic access ramp and a high transparent railing
  • Integrated control panel and battery backup
  • Option for external control panels, infrared remote control and safety gate at the upper level

LP5+ specifications



Lifting height max.: 875 mm
Lifting capacity: 300 kg
Lifting height min.: 150 mm



Weight: 150 kg
External dimensions L/W: 1602/1076 mm
Internal dimensions L/W: 1602/900 mm
Access ramp dimensions L/W: 790/900 mm




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