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Bespoke platform lifts – wheelchair access

Improving the accessibility at especially older and heritage buildings can often present a challenge. We therefore offer customised platform lifts that blend with the existing surroundings and furnishings.


We manufacture many different kinds of bespoke platform lifts that combine dignified entrance for people with impaired mobility with nice architecture. In this way everyone will be able to use the same entrance and do so with dignity instead of being directed to the back entrance.


We have various basic models named "A", "B", "C" etc. but we also make other customised solutions. Below, please find some examples of our customised platform lifts.

Please contact us for further information.  

Customised platform lift – Model A

Platform lift with lower platform gate (railing and gate in stainless steel or painted)



Customised platform lift – Model B

Recessed platform lift with hidden safety barrier, outdoors

Customised platform lift – Model C

Platform lift integrated in the stairway with platform at the upper level.

Customised platform lift – Model D

Small platform lift without railing, recessed into the floor

Customised platform lift – Model E

Invisible platform lift integrated in the stairway where the stairs are converted into a platform


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