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Kit Add-on1 – Doorstep ramp up to 1,5 cm (75 cm wide)

Used for extra height adjustment up to 1,5 cm on Kit 1-4 or as a repair set when re-locating Kit 1-4.


Item no.: 11-12105
WxLxH: 75 x 6,2 x 1,5 cm
Height: 0–1,5 cm
Colour: Grey
SlipStop: No



3 small ramps
3 adjustment keys
3 mounting pads
3 screws
6 stoppers
16 T-Locks
19 R-Locks


General information about the Excellent ramp kits

Stepless Excellent ramp kits are used to negotiate doorsteps both indoors and outdoors. By placing the ramps in front of the doorstep, the difference in level can be overcome. The doorstep ramps are sold in kits which makes it easy to handle and install them. The two upper layers are loose for accurate adjustment in height.

The ramp kits are available in various versions to level differences of up to 15 cm. They come complete with instruction guide and fittings for setting-up and final adjustment. Depending on the conditions it takes approx. 10-15 minutes to set-up a ramp kit. They are available in two widths: 75 cm and 100 cm and they also come in an outdoor version abbreviated as “S” with SlipStop which provides extra grip on the outdoor ramps.

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