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Platform lift LP5

Just like the LP1 the Stepless LP5 platform lift is designed for lifting wheelchair users over smaller level differences of up to 500 mm. The LP5 is larger than the LP1 and has a greater lifting capacity.

  • Flexible – can be installed indoors and outdoors 
  • Superb user comfort, as the lifting platform moves silently and smoothly
  • Internal platform width of 900 mm
  • Integrated control panel and battery backup
  • Option for external control panels, infrared remote control and safety gate for the upper level

Specifications for the LP5



Lifting height max.: 500 (875) mm
Lifting capacity: 300 kg
Lifting height min.: 150 mm



Weight: 118 kg
External dimensions L/W: 1602/1076 mm
Internal dimensions L/W: 1602/900 mm
Access ramp dimensions L/W: 790/900 mm


Product info
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