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Guldmann UNI-D lifting sling -  The personal lifting sling

The new UNI-D disposable lifting sling combines comfort and strength with practical pricing. The sling can follow the individual user and be discarded when the patient is no longer staying at the institution, or the patient may use UNI-D for a shorter period after being discharged.


The UNI-D sling is easy to handle, helps to avoid risk of infection and can withstand humidity from bathroom areas.


The sling is designed for use in institutions and hospital wards that make specific hygiene requirements on lifting slings and want to use slings which can follow each individual patient. This simplifies the handling and logistics connected with the use of lifting slings. A resource saving which in many cases more than justifies the cost of discarding the sling after use.


The UNI-D sling is made in nylon. When nylon burns, it generates in practice just water and air. So there are no environmental problems associated with this new disposable sling.


Guldmann UNI lifting sling – Universal lifting sling

The UNI lifting sling from Guldmann combines safety, comfort and durability in a rugged design of a strong polyester material. The result is a lifting sling which is perfect for institutions where the objective is to provide a high level of care without the inconvenience of having to work with a large number of different special slings.


The sling is made of a net polyester material with six support straps to secure the user and ensure full support and comfort. This means that the user can sit on the sling while seated in his wheelchair – which greatly facilitates the helper’s work.


The net material ensures the required ventilation, and the sling’s design with the six straps support the user’s head during the entire lifting procedure.


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