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Lifting platform LP11

LP11 is a mobile lifting platform specially designed to lift wheelchair users in and out of trains.


Simple and easy operation

Due to its design and light construction the LP11 is easy to move and position. The lifting platform is quick and easy to operate and only needs to be operated by one person.


Security first

Safety list under the platform, emergency stop, mechanical lowering device and high guard rail on both sides of the platform make it possible to lift the user securely. Both the upper and lower ramp ensure that the user cannot roll over the edge while the platform is in motion.


Flexible fit for all trains

The LP11 is provided with a width-adjustable ramp as standard. The ramp can be adjusted 630-800 mm width-wise so that the ramp can be adapted to different train door widths. 




LP11 specifications

Lifting capacity max. 300 kg
Lifting height 180 - 1000 mm
Width-adjustable ramp 630 - 800 mm
Number of lifts per charge: approx. 45
Weight 149 kg

Product info
V. Guldmann A/S | Graham Bells Vej 21-23A | DK-8200 Aarhus N | Denmark | +45 8741 3100 |