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Ramps for the city trains in Copenhagen

Stepless has specially designed and produced a ramp construction for 135 city trains in Copenhagen so that wheelchair users can get in and out of the trains. It only takes 10 seconds for train staff to operate the ramp and make it ready for use. 

The ramp construction consists of three main elements:

  • Lite rampe
  • Mechanical steering arm which holds the ramp
  • Cabinet to store the ramp when it is not in use

The ramp is folded width-wise and placed in the cabinet by the door. The cabinet is designed to suit the interior of a DSB city train. The ramp distinguishes itself by being fitted with a mechanical arm which ensures fast and secure unfolding of the ramp without train staff having to carry out heavy lifting.


The train ramp has the following features:

  • Enables wheelchair users to get on/off trains faster
  • Easy and simple handling
  • The ramp is stored discreetly in the cabinet
  • Minimum weight and lifting for train staff
  • High security for positioning of ramp due to the mechanical swing arm
  • Does not slip during use
  • Option to dismantle the ramp quickly and use it elsewhere

The ramp construction uses a specially designed Lite ramp. Read more about the standard Lite ramp which is the absolute lightest on the market due to a unique material composition of glass and graphite fibre.


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