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Groundbreaking software brings new opportunities for superhospitals
Guldmann is currently launching a tool that allows Danish superhospitals to monitor and optimise the use of all their ceiling hoists.
A Good Tip: Using Slings when handling patients during treatment or examination
By using Guldmann Leg Sling and Guldmann Multi Support you can lower your physical strain and at the same time have the most optimal safety for the patient.
Healthcare Estates 2016
V. Guldmann will be at Healthcare Estates 2016, October 4-5, Manchester Central, stand C20
V. Guldmann participated at the National Back Exchange
One of the best years yet at National Back Exchange 2016
The future of elderly care
Healthcare DENMARK has made a video about future elderly care.
A good tip: Ease the work with hygiene tasks
Using the Guldmann Twin Turner, the Guldmann Leg Sling or Guldmann Multi Support sling will reduce the physical strain when performing hygiene tasks.
New, improved lifting hanger
The new design gives the hanger multiple benefits:
New Product: CLM System - Online
Are your ceiling hoists improving the safe patient handling environment and reducing caregiver injuries?
A good tip: Safe rehabilitation training with Multi Support
Mobility and exercise is important in order to maintain quality of life and perform everyday tasks. The Multi Support sling can be an important tool for high quality rehabilitation and at the same time minimize the strain of manual only methods.
Accessibility for all in Chanel’s concept store in Stockholm
Chanel was looking for a spot to open a concept store in Stockholm. When the perfect location in the heart of Stockholm was found the architects and Chanel realized they needed to improve accessibility so that everyone would be able to enter the store.
A good tip: Mobilise your patient earlier and more securely
Early mobilisation means the patient is able to start their rehabilitation sooner, this in turn means improved circulation and a reduced risk of infection and other complications.
Guldmann ceiling hoist in DokkX
The Ceiling hoist has made it possible for wheelchair users to participate and interact in physical activities and games.
NAEP Annual Conference
Guldmann was present at the NAEP National Annual Conference 2016
Guldmann on Exposanità in Bologna
Guldmann srl participated on Exposanità in Bologna, the 20th International Health & Care Exhibition that is a unique Italian exhibition dedicated to health and care assistance
Guldmann at SMHF 2016
Guldmann was represented at the Scottish Manual Handling Forum on 25.-26. of May 2016.
Health & Rehab 2016
V. Guldmann A/S participated on the Health & Rehab exhibition 2016 on may 10-12.
New product for bariatric care: Pannus Support
Pannus Support will help hold the pannus in a position that eases the personal hygiene task for both caretaker and patient.
New product for the OR: Foot/Hand Strap
Spare yourself from unnecessary strain and risk by using an FH Strap with the ceiling hoist in the OR.
Short review
From the Occupational Therapy Show in Birmingham
Medica 2015
A small review from the exhibition in Düsseldorf...

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