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Guldmann UK at OTAC 2016
With a lot of Occupational Therapy students keen to discuss Guldmann products and how they work so well within the healthcare sector, Marinus Fløe Kristensen’s talk on "Time to change - Forward Thinking with Ceiling Hoists" was very successful.
Guldmann UK at Occupational Therapy Show 2016
Occupational Therapy Show 2016 was a great turn out with an engaging audience of Occupational Therapist’s actually interested in learning and developing their skills within their profession.
A Good Tip: Make slideboard transfers easy and secure
Patient transfers using a slideboard to and from bed – wheelchair can be a very difficult transfer to make for the carer because of the awkward and risk-filled working positions.
Guldmann participated at Medica 2016
Guldmann was at Medica in Düsseldorf on November 14 – 17.
Guldmann Inc was at the Healthcare Design Expo & Conferencce
The Guldmann booth was well visited and we would like to thank everyone who stopped by.
Review from the International Heritage Show 2016
Guldmann Sarl participated at The International Heritage Show on November 3rd – 6th.
New Product: Sit-On Comfort High Hygiene Sling
The sling has the same shape and is made in the same material as our Sit-On Comfort sling, but with an opening in the middle to use when visiting the toilet
Building Better Healthcare Awards 2016
Guldmann is event partner at BBH Awards 2016
A Good Tip: Putting on and lifting the patient in a sling
When a patient needs to be mobilised with a hoist it must be done with the greatest possible comfort for the patient.
Sterntaler Children's Hospice - A retreat for the whole family
The Grimm's fairy tale, "The Star Money" gives inspiration: Inspiration to face the adversities of life and still be there for others. The Sterntaler children's hospice in Dudenhofen near Speyer deliberately chose this name, because it wants to be an inspiration as well.
Groundbreaking software brings new opportunities for superhospitals
Guldmann is currently launching a tool that allows Danish superhospitals to monitor and optimise the use of all their ceiling hoists.
Royal visit at the grand opening of our Boston showroom
Crown Princess Mary and Crown Prince Frederik visited the United States. On September 29 they visited Guldmann's brand new showroom in Boston.
Healthcare Estates 2016
V. Guldmann will be at Healthcare Estates 2016, October 4-5, Manchester Central, stand C20
A Good Tip: Using Slings when handling patients during treatment or examination
By using Guldmann Leg Sling and Guldmann Multi Support you can lower your physical strain and at the same time have the most optimal safety for the patient.
V. Guldmann participated at the National Back Exchange
One of the best years yet at National Back Exchange 2016
The future of elderly care
Healthcare DENMARK has made a video about future elderly care.
A good tip: Ease the work with hygiene tasks
Using the Guldmann Twin Turner, the Guldmann Leg Sling or Guldmann Multi Support sling will reduce the physical strain when performing hygiene tasks.
New, improved lifting hanger
The new design gives the hanger multiple benefits:
New Product: CLM System - Online
Are your ceiling hoists improving the safe patient handling environment and reducing caregiver injuries?
A good tip: Safe rehabilitation training with Multi Support
Mobility and exercise is important in order to maintain quality of life and perform everyday tasks. The Multi Support sling can be an important tool for high quality rehabilitation and at the same time minimize the strain of manual only methods.

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